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Enouncter Manager update // February 16, 2011

Character Sheet is now done. Hero Lab by Lone Wolf Development is a superior program, and very well done. I highly recommend it, especially considering that I will not be continuing work on Character Sheet any further.

I've released version 0.7 of Encounter Manager. It fixes some things and cleans up the interface. As I've been playing Pathfinder for several months, I have some new features to add which will be in the next few days.

posted by: Pfhoenix

Requesting testers // November 15, 2008

Obviously progress has been slow lately, but support for content modules has been vastly improved over the last week. I'd like to have help with testing the loading process, as well as help document the supported tags/features for the content module format. If you're interested in assisting, shoot me an e-mail.

posted by: Pfhoenix

Content modules // October 14, 2008

While work on equipment handling has been slow, I've received a veritable deluge of e-mail and requests for either 1) updating Character Sheet for new content released or 2) providing a way to get that new content into the program on their own. Since I already had on the todo list support for external data files, I decided to see if I could knock out support for what I call Content Modules. Right now, support is functional, but I'm still working out bugs and issues with loading/unloading modules. Whether or not I support auto-loading modules will depend on what approach I take (and how much I want to postpone a new version releasing any longer).

posted by: Pfhoenix

Progress report // September 18, 2008

Basic equipment has been sorted out and is now selectable. Some internal reworking was done, but the next step is to support setting equipment into specific slots, and then have any bonuses apply automatically where appropriate.

posted by: Pfhoenix

Character Sheet file versions // September 10, 2008

It has come to my attention that character sheets saved in previous versions (prior 0.7.9) load into 0.7.9 missing their ability scores (including bonuses). This is due to a change to the form controls. I apologize for not mentioning this sooner, but the fix is very simple - re-enter your base ability scores and reselect your race. Done!

posted by: Pfhoenix

.NET upgrade // September 6, 2008

After much testing with users that couldn't use Encounter Manager, I've updated .NET 3.5 to SP1 (Service Pack 1). From this point on, SP1 will need to be installed on user machines to use the programs, but as an added bonus, SP1 fixes a lot of things with .NET 3.5 anyways, and everyone should update regardless.

After the bug fixes and improvements made to Character Sheet, even without equipment being implemented yet, I'm waffling on whether or not to do a minor version update release tonight. We'll see.

UPDATE : I've released v0.7.9. I haven't started on equipment functionality, though basic weapons and armor are in the internal database. v0.7.9 includes good bug fixes and support for proper selection of optional class skills to train and racial ability bonuses.

I can't stress this enough - you will need to download and install .NET 3.5 SP1 if you want to use any current or future version of my tools.

posted by: Pfhoenix

Progress update // September 2, 2008

I've now got ability scores from race (the bonus ones, aka Human, that you have to pick yourself) up and running. I've also used a similar concept for handling class trained skills that you have to select yourself working via a new popup dialog box.

posted by: Pfhoenix

And I'm back // August 27, 2008

After a few weeks of vacation, I am now back. The last few days have gone to finally fixing the Toughness and Jack-of-all-Trades feats to auto-calc their bonuses in Character Sheet. Next on the todo list is fixing ability stat handling.

I'm not done with Encounter Manager, however, its current state is quite functional and further improvements must wait for more development on Character Sheet.

posted by: Pfhoenix

Encounter Manager version 0.6 released // August 8, 2008

Thanks to all the positive and constructive feedback, I have a new and improved version of Encounter Manager ready and (now) available. A healthy number of changes and improvements were made (details in the changelog).

On top of that, I've also fixed and re-enabled printing for Character Sheet, along with some other minor fixes, which means versoin 0.7.8 is now available.

posted by: Pfhoenix

New site, new content // August 6, 2008

Since I've started working on DM tools as well, this new site will be home to all my D&D 4th Edition computer tools.

This also marks the first public release of Encounter Manager, a DM tool to ease the pain of managing initiative order and turn-based effects and status effects on players and NPCs. Check it out!

posted by: Pfhoenix

Character Sheet version 0.7.7 released // August 1, 2008

Another fast turn-around. Added a missing feat and implemented basic multiclassing.

posted by: Pfhoenix

Character Sheet version 0.7.6 released // July 31, 2008

Talk about fast. Version 0.7.6 adds Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies, as well as fixing a couple reported issues.

posted by: Pfhoenix